Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump and Brexit: An Important Difference

Parallels have naturally been drawn between the two unexpected vote results over the past two months: the vote for Brexit, and the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency of the United States. The surprise nature of both results can certainly invite comparison, but there appears to be one important difference.

Since Trump won the Electoral College vote, there has been violence against voters on both sides. Since the June Referendum, we in the UK have seen a rise in violence and abuse against racial minorities. There has also been a considerable amount of vitriol from Brexit supporters against those who voted to remain and those who have sought by legal means to ensure that the sovereignty of Parliament is upheld. I refer, of course, to the rape and death threats against Gina Miller, not to mention the abhorrent treatment in much of the press against the High Court judges who ruled on the case. And let us not forget the murder of Jo Cox.

Yet where is the vitriol, hate and violence from the Remain camp? Thankfully, I see no evidence for it whatsoever. I am sure the British press would have been only too pleased to have reported threats or violence from Remainers against those who had voted for or supported Brexit. But there has been none.

I am therefore left wondering whether that if you feel it is necessary to back up your opinion with threats, violence, abuse and bullying that it might not be time to reconsider your opinion, or at the very least stand up and say that those who propagate such hate do not do it in your name. Unfortunately, I see precious little evidence of the latter, either, and by not doing so, those who favour Brexit are aligning themselves with forces of hate.

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